Marwari Horse Shows

It is encouraging to know that the Horse shows are becoming very popular at Gujarat and Punjab and larger number of good quality of horses participate there.

At Pushkar, Tilwara and Nagore in the Horse Class Judging not only are there more Horses but they are of better true to breed quality. The efforts of the Marwari Horse Society are showing good results.

Marwari Horse Class Judging Tilwara-2010

Horse Class Judging Tilwara-2010: As our annual feature the Marwari Horse Class Judging of under mentioned class was held on 14th March, 2010.

  • Best Marwari Stallion
  • Best Marwari Brood Mare
  • Best Marwari Colt Two Teeth
  • Best Marwari Colt Milk Teeth
  • Best Marwari Two Teeth Filly
  • Best Marwari Milk Teeth Filly
  • Chal Competition
  • Best Animal of the Show
The results are given as under:-
First Prabhat- Shri Sawai Singh S/o Th. Bheru Singh, Ransigaon, Distt-Jodhpur
Second Pankaj – ShriNarayan Singh S/o Shri Pratap Singh, Revatra, Jalore
Third​ Raju – Shri Shakti Giriji Maharaj, Village- Kharvi, Jalore
Fourth ​ Sultan – Shri Govindji S/o Shri Kedar Dasji, Jodhpur
Brood Mare Class
First ​Kasturi – Th. Dilip Singhji S/o Th. Shivdan Singh, Ganthiya, Distt-Nagore
Second Laxmi – Shri Mohan Singh S/o Shri Bagh Singh, Teh. Merta, Distt- Nagore
Third​ Nayan Tara – Kr. Pankaj Pratap Singh S/o Shri Sagat Singh, Jhalamand, Jodhpur
Fourth ​ Shri Mohan Singh S/o Bhur Singh, Mathura, U.P.
Filly two Teeth Class
First Padmini – Th. Arjun Singh S/o Shri Ram Singh, Omkali, Dist-Pali
Second Vajira – Th. Dilip Singh S/o Shri Shivdan Singh, Ganthiya, Dist-Nagore
Third​ Radha – Shri Sudhir Parihar S/o Shri Ompraksh Parihar, Jodhpur
Fourth ​ Laxmi – Shri Jaideep Singh S/o Shri Mahaveer Singh, Pali
Colt Milk Teeth Class
First Toofan – Shri Fakir Mohd. Khan S/o Shri Nasir Khan, Kadia, Chhitargarh
Second ​Prince – Shri Devasu Singh S/o Shri Ajal Singh, Jodhpur
Third​ The Colt of Shri Govind Tapadiya S/o Shri Kedar Das Tapadiya
Fourth ​ The Colt of Shri Ikram Ali S/o Shri Sayed Ali, Sanchore, Jalore
Filly Milk Teeth Class
First Keshar – Shri Vishwajeet Singh S/o Shri Prithvi Singh, Bikaner
Second Kajal – Shri Manohar Singh S/o Shri Hanuman Singh Nagore
Third​ Sorath – Shri Mohan Singh S/o Shri Bagh Singh Shekhawat Nagore
Fourth ​ KajalS – Shri Shakti Giriji Maharaj, Sanchore, Jalore
Colt Two Teeth Class
First Sultan – Shri Bheka Ram S/o Shri Hariji, Chohra, Jalore
Second Samrat – Shri Kishore Singh S/o Shri Narayan Singh, Manaklao, Jodhpur
Third​ Shri Girvar Singh S/o Shri Sambhu Singh, Balarwa, Jodhpur
Fourth ​ Shri Sudhir Parihar S/o Shri Om Prakesh Parihar, Jodhpur
Rewal Chal Competition
First Rao Mohan Singh Chitalwana
Second Shri Jai Singh (Phalodi)
Third​ Shri Mustak Bhai
Fourth ​ Shri Dedusar Soda

Best Animal of the Show

Kasturi 7 year old mare Th. Dilip Singh Ganthia, Nagore

Horse Race
Irish Crystal Trophy being presented by His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh
Jodhpurto Th. Dilip Singh Ganthia, Nagore for Best Animal of the Show
H.H. Maharaja Gaj Singh Jodhpur Presenting Rohet Trophy to Th. Arjun Singh Omkali, Dist-Pali for Winner Two Teeth Filly
H.H. Maharaja Gaj Singh Jodhpur Presenting His Highness Gaj Singh Trophy to Shri Sawai Singh Ransigaon for Winner Stallion