National Endurance Ride Championship and Junior National Endurance Ride Championship-2011

Vet inspection at Vet Gate
Shri Manohar Singh DIG BSF and Col. A.K. controlling the event on the track
Maj. Gen. R.S. Choupra VSM ,Chief of Staff, HQ 12 Corps talking to participating Army cadets
The Royal Heritage Public School Band of Jabalpur
Mayo College Girls on 40 kms track
Marwari Horse Society Team on 100 Kms Track
H.H Maharaja Gaj Singh Jodhpur inspecting the Jabalpur School Band

The National Endurance Ride Championship and Junior National Endurance Ride Competition of 120, 100, 80, 60 and 40 Kms was held at Jhalamand, Jodhpur on 26, 27 & 28th February, 2011 under the aegis of Equestrian Federation of India.

Endurance ride competitions add a new dimmention equestrian sport & need environment .

We had 104 horses participating from the Army, Paramilitary forces, Police and National Riding Clubs. The Jury and veterinary commission was deputed by Equestrian Federation of India.

The results were as under:


Event Winner Runners up Third placing
120 Kms Ald/ Rdr Krishna Kumar Dfr (Rdr) Pradeep Kumar NB/ Ris Rajesh Kumar
(RTS Saharanpur) (RTS Saharanpur) (RTS Saharanpur)
100 Kms Takhat Singh (Pratham) Gopal Singh (Chingari)
(Marwari Horse Society) (Marwari Horse Society)
80 Kms L/Dfr (Rdr) Deep Chand ALD/Rdr Sanjay Singh Swr/Rdr Upendra Kumar
(RTS, Saharanpur) (RTS, Saharanpur) (RTS, Saharanpur)
60 Kms ALD/Rdr Sanjay Kumar Yadav ALD/Rdr Ramesh Kumar Nb/Ris Manoj Kumar
RTS & Depot, Hempur RTS & Depot, Hempur RTS & Dept, Saharanpur
40 Kms Mudit Rajawat GC Abhinav Nehra P. Arjun
(Mayo College Club, Ajmer) Horse Riding
(Commandant IMA, Dehrandun)
(C.T.J.W. College, Kanker)
Event Winner Runners up Third placing
80 Kms (i) L/Dfr (Rdr) Deep Chand (i) Sep. Sanjay Singh
(ii) Swr/Rdr Upendra Singh (ii) YS G.S. Choudhary
(iii) Swr/ Rakesh Kumar (iii) Kalu Ram
(iv) Ald/ Rdr Sanjay Singh
(ASC Centre North) Gaya) (RTS & Depot. Saharanpur)
60 Kms (i) Lt. Col. Vivek Mishra (i) Capt. Sunny Ghosh
(ii) Ald/Rdr Ramesh Kumar (ii) Dfr Lakhwinder Singh
(iii) L/Dfr/ Rdr A.B. Hulamani (iii) Dfr R.D. More
(RTS & Dept, Hempur) Commandant IMA, Dehrandun)
40 Kms (i) Abhimanyu Yadav (i) Raghvendra Singh
(ii) Navin Kumar (ii) A. Rathore (ii) Sohan Singh
(iii) Bhupendra Kumar (iii) P. Abhinav (ii) Navdeep Bajaj
(RVC C & College Meerut) (NDA, Khadakwasla) (Marwari Horse Society)